Getting Ready for March 2016 at Whale Camp

Is it too early to start planning for a February or March or April visit to San Ignacio Lagoon to visit the gray whales and their new babies? Actually, this is the perfect time to choose a date for your visit!

You have many whales camps to choose from, including Antonio’s, Pachico’s EcoTours, Campo Ramon, Campo Cortez, Kuyima, and Camp Discovery. Each has links online and USA-based phone numbers to call to make your reservation and place a small (10%  or 20%) partial payment to hold your cabin, tent, or other camp accommodations.

This is the way to go!

In the next few days, I’ll post more information about my favorite camp–Antonio’s Whale Camp. Antonio’s has cabins, all meals, two rides to the Observation Area daily, and Happy Hour before dinner. Evenings are saved for presentations about the gray whales’ great migration each year to the birthing areas (whales only) in the Laguna and then back North again.

Where Are the Gray Whales Right Now?

Summertime means we can find many of our beloved gray whales feeding on ghost shrimp and krill up North in the Arctic in the Bering Sea or the Chukchi Sea. But, depending on the weather, food abundance, and their instincts, some gray whales stay in the Pacific waters off Northern California, usually close to the shore. As a matter of fact, I read that some gray whales travel no more than 600+ miles off the coast of the Baja!

More soon . . . Happy Summer!


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