Winter, A Season for All Snowflakes


Ah, the light is back! Well, Winter Solstice is less than 24 hours ago, but I can feel the days growing longer. There’s some chatter on the Internet that it’s actually darker after the Winter Solstice . . . but who believes anything they read on the Internet, right?

As far as we know, everything is under scrutiny in one way or another . . . Why did Gauguin paint the sky in Tahiti pink? You can search the Internet to make sure you are pronouncing his name right. Webster’s Dictionary is correct on the Internet, but it’s better to flip through the pages of it, than fish through the Internet ads, don’t you think??



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Born in Rhode Island, Meredith now lives in Takoma Park, Maryland. She wrote her first poem, "Leaves," in third grade at the Quidnick School shortly after her good friend Bradley got spanked with a wooden ruler behind the upright piano by Miss Barr who to this day fills our dreams with scary images. To read more from Meredith, visit Thanks for visiting!!
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