Poetry, Poetry, Poetry

Fall in the DC area is all about poetry . . . poetry matters. In Takoma Park, the season kicks off at the Takoma Park Community Center on September 15, Thursday, at 7:30.

Four poets including myself will read.

The great poet Wislawa Szymborska is my great hero . . .

In honor of Mary Oliver’s birthday, I’ll recite “Wild Geese.” Having poems in your heart — by heart — is a beautiful thing. Do you know any poems by heart? Which ones???

When I turned 4, I recited “I’m a little teapot (short and stout)” on the stage at the Phenix Methodist Church where my Aunt Marian ran the  Sunday school. That started me off on performing at open mics . . .  Hope to see you Thursday.


Here's a photo of Mary Oliver signing a book for me on Block Island at a workshop in May 2008.

About meredith

Born in Rhode Island, Meredith now lives in Takoma Park, Maryland. She wrote her first poem, "Leaves," in third grade at the Quidnick School shortly after her good friend Bradley got spanked with a wooden ruler behind the upright piano by Miss Barr who to this day fills our dreams with scary images. To read more from Meredith, visit www.meredithpond.blogspot.com. Thanks for visiting!!
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